Tyler Clementi's Parents Launch Anti-Bullying Project

Tyler Clementi's Parents Launch Anti-Bullying Project

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.22.58 AMIn 2010 Tyler Clementi took his own life days after learning that his college roommate used a webcam to secretly live stream his romantic encounter with a man in a dorm room.

According to NorthJersey.com, the parents are now launching an anti-bullying campaign to honor their son:

In the wake of their son's death, in 2010 the Clementis formed the anti-bullying Tyler Clementi Foundation, which describes its mission as promoting "safe and inclusive spaces for LGBT and vulnerable youth and families." This week the foundation is rolling out "Day One, an initiative to get authorities in workplaces, schools, universities and athletic programs to immediately demand tolerance for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation, appearance, dress or religion."

From the organization's website:

The #Day1 Campaign is an effective, immediate and free way to reduce bullying, harassment and humiliation. It requires four main elements: 1) A person in authority, 2) clearly saying what behavior is expected and what behavior is not tolerated, 3) early in the tenure of new students/employees/athletes, and 4) receiving a verbal confirmation from the audience that they understand. Day 1 focuses schools, universities, workplaces, athletic programs, and other group environments on a targeted intervention during orientation. Day 1 clearly states that some forms of "socially acceptable" teasing or cruelty are unacceptable!

Watch the launch video below:

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