Kristin Beck

Trans Navy SEAL Kristin Beck answers reader questions on Reddit

Trans Navy SEAL Kristin Beck answers reader questions on Reddit

Before a film about her military past and future hopes airs on CNN, ‘warrior princess’ Kristin Beck will be answering questions on the social media network Reditt


Kristin Beck

Kristin Beck

CNN films is premiering today (4 September) a film about Kristin Beck, a trans former Navy SEAL who served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and elsewhere.

The film titled Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story follows her personal journey from childhood through to her military career, marriage and coming out and will broadcast at 9 pm Eastern time.

From 10:30 am to noon Eastern time, Beck herself will be answering questions on the social media network Reddit.

The film follows her book Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy SEAL's Journey to Coming out Transgender, where Beck touched on some of the biggest challenges of being trans in the US military.

She told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in a televised interview she ‘fought for 20 years for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,’ but she also admitted to keeping a deep secret throughout her life and military career.

In the US, trans men and women are banned from serving in the military, and so she kept her true identity hidden as she was deployed 13 times to some of the most dangerous places in the world.

Beck was later awarded with a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star for her military service.

According to CNN, in the film, Beck said: ‘I just wanted to tell someone my story. Maybe set an example for some of the younger generation -- just say that I'm still a human being, and I deserve dignity and respect.’

‘There's been a lot of transgender people who are killed for prejudice, for hatred. When the book came out -- some amazing support and some amazing praises -- but also some pretty amazing bigotry and hatred.’

In the film, Beck reveals how as a child she skipped school so she could hide at home, painting her nails and wearing her sister’s shoes.

‘It was like a reset, it was like a vacation for me. So I had my vacation away from Chris.’

She also confessed to joining the Navy SEALS, one of the world’s most specialized military operations, in efforts to possibly cure herself, and while she served faithfully, she was never 100% honest to her fellow soldiers.

‘No one ever met the real me.’

Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story

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