The U.S. Ambassador To Denmark Commits An Act Of Kindness

The U.S. Ambassador To Denmark Commits An Act Of Kindness

sliddrambassedorOur dashing gay Ambassador to Denmark, Rufus Gifford, went beyond his diplomatic duties this weekend when he stopped by a Danish hospice to meet a "fan".

The Human Rights Campaign reported that this photo went viral last weekend, after Rufus Gifford, one of the first gay men to serve as a U.S. Ambassador, and an HRC member, posted it on his Facebook page with the comment:

“I got a message earlier this week about a woman named Lisbeth who is in hospice care. She had a picture of me on the wall of her room. She told people that my smile made her happy so she cut the photo out of a magazine article. I heard she liked roses so I brought her some from my garden. Lisbeth: your smile and your laugh are better than mine and your strength and courage are an inspiration. So happy to have met you."

The Washington Post reports Lisbeth was a complete stranger to the ambassador, but that her friend, Maria Clausen, who knew of her interest, reached out to Ambassador Gifford who responded with a visit. The ambassador said he was surprised by all the attention, telling the Post:

“Frankly, I didn’t anticipate the response! Was the least I could do...”

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