Stephanie Beatriz casually comes out

Queer Lady Internet had a happy meltdown two weeks ago when Aubrey Plaza casually came out as not-straight. Prepare to feel those feelings all over again: Stephanie Beatriz of Brooklyn Nine-Nine commented on news of Aubrey’s announcement to confirm that she, too, is bi/queer/not-only-into-dudes.

In a very smooth move, Beatriz spring boarded off of Plaza’s announcement, sharing the quote “I fall in love with girls and guys. I can’t help it.” and added an enthusiastic “Yup” of her own. When a follower asked if that meant what we all thought (and hoped) it meant, Beatriz tweeted “yes y’all.” followed by the emoji for girl kissing boy, A-OK and girl kissing girl, A-OK. Excellent message and excellent use of emoji. [...]

Both Rosa Diaz and Stephanie Beatriz are gems and we’re lucky to have them in our community. As a queer Latina, it always warms my heart and fills me with hope to see other LGBTQ Latinxs step forward. And seriously, ugh, that hair, those cheekbones, that smile!

I love her, I love this show, and I love this announcement. Swoon all over again.

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