Professional Strongman Champion Rob Kearney Comes Out

Professional Strongman Champion Rob Kearney Comes Out

6a00d8341c730253ef01b7c6fdfa75970b-500wiRob Kearney is one tough dude. In addition to being ranked the 2nd strongest middleweight champ in the world, Kearney also recently became the first openly gay man to be actively competing in a professional level international strongman competition.

Kearney made the announcment via Facebook last week, writing:

My ‪#‎mcm‬ goes to this guy, my boyfriend, Joey Aleixo! The past few months have been crazy, but throughout all of this you've given me a reason to smile.

So I guess this is me coming out and saying... I'm gay!!

In an interview with sporting site Starting Strongman, Kearney shared what the reaction has been like following his coming out:

I knew there would be both negative & positive feedback. To be honest I was surprised from the amount of positive feedback. I got texts and phone calls from a lot of other pros and people high up in the sport I was not expecting. I also knew there would be negative or “indifferent” reactions, but that is ok.

There's also a great feature piece over at The Next Level that further dives into Kearney's professional accomplishments and what his coming out means for the sport.

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