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Submissions to You Can Be Anything
  • Terry | Business Analyst, State of NY

    Terry is a Business Analyst for the State of NY, and has been openly gay during the duration of her employment there. YCBA conducted a phone interview with her to ask her some questions about her career history and advice she has for the younger LGBT generation. ------------ Can you ...
  • Anthony | Police Officer

    All my life I have followed my dream of becoming a Peace Officer. I have worked hard to reach my goals in life. I have struggled and I have cried. There was always part of me growing up that made me feel hindered about reaching my goals. I've know I ...
  • Wil | Police Officer, Retired Navy, and Actor

    Wil is an openly gay police officer with the Hialeah police department. Prior to becoming a police officer he served in the Navy and was deployed in the Middle East. Wil also enjoys acting and recently finished making a film called 'The Denied'. The Denied "A cop receives the worst ...
  • Lyle | Therapist and Construction Contractor

    Lyle is an openly gay family and LGBTQ therapist in South Florida. He also provides counseling through Sun Serve, a South Florida non-profit which provides mental health assistance to LGBTQ individuals in South Florida. Prior to becoming a therapist, Lyle was a construction contractor.
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