Mara Wilson Comes Out as Queer in Wake of Orlando Shooting

Following the Orlando shooting, many have decided to come out. It feels more important than ever to be visible, unafraid and unashamed, and those who can have chosen to speak out against homophobia and transphobia by claiming their identities.

One such person is Mara Wilson, known for her role in Matilda but also for her consistently badass tweets. Just yesterday, Mara confirmed rumors that she is queer.

The tweets were in response to fans who worried that Mara was masking her identity, and, therefore, adding to bisexual erasure. Mara spoke out, saying that she does identify as bi/queer, but has long identified as only “mostly straight.”

It’s important to remember that while celebs coming out is often major and important to many of us in validating our identities, no one owes us their coming out. Yes, they are in the public eye and can help shift mainstream understanding of sexuality, but celebrities don’t exist to be our role models. If Mara is “mostly straight,” it’s not her job to shift her identity to fit our need for bisexual role models.

Still, we’re thrilled that Mara has come out, as she’s cool AF and speaks out against injustice time and time again. We’re happy to have her on our team! Either way, it seems that Mara will remain hush-hush about her relationship status, a la Kristen Stewart. We respect that, though we’ll remain ever curious.

This has been reposted from Pride.