James Bond star: ‘It takes courage to come out as gay’

James Bond star: ‘It takes courage to come out as gay’

ben-wishaw-gay-star-news_1James Bond star Ben Whishaw, who came out as gay last year, has said it takes extraordinary courage to open up about your sexuality.

The 33-year-old, known for his role as Q in Skyfall, revealed last year he was gay and had entered into a civil partnership with Australian composer Mark Bradshaw.

‘It's hard to have a conversation with people you've known your whole life about a very intimate thing,’ he said in a recent interview.

‘It's massively weighted with all sorts of stuff, whatever the wider world is saying.’

He added: ‘It's an intimate and private and difficult conversation for most people. It takes courage and people have to do it in their own time.’

And when he had to make the decision to come out as gay to friends and family, Whishaw said everyone was surprisingly lovely to him.

In his most recent project, Whishaw plays a gay man coming to terms with the death of his boyfriend in new film Lilting.

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