Instagram launches #VisibleMe for LGBTI youth

Instagram launched its first channel dedicated to the lives of LGBTI young people on Friday.

#VisibleMe lets young people tell their story as direct and candid as they can.

Raymond Braun organized the campaign, which he said intends to shine a ‘spotlight on diverse, compelling stories from LGBTQ youth’.

‘A few months ago, I launched what has now become the most meaningful project in my life: #VisibleMe,’ he said.

‘People are more likely to support the LGBTQ community when they know someone who identifies as LGBTQ, so I hope this project provides a platform and voice to young people, helping them feel empowered and supported.

‘Most importantly, I hope it shows LGBTQ youth that they are not alone and that they’re part of a community filled with creativity, diversity, resilience, strength, and passion.’

Queer celebrities like Brendan Jordan have added their voice to the project already.

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