Hamilton star Javier Muñoz happy to be 'a new face' of being HIV-positive

Javier Muñoz is the toast of Broadway and is loving every minute of it.

The Hamilton star knows that appearing in the hottest musical in New York not only gives him a higher profile as an actor, but also as an openly gay man living with HIV.

‘If I can be a new face that people see that is HIV-positive and healthy and performing seven shows a week and kicking ass, then let that stand as a positive example for the person who is still living with that stigma and fear.

‘Or for the person living in a country or situation in which they are not supported, let that be a fire in their belly to keep fighting the good fight for themselves,’ Muñoz tells Out Magazinewhich named him Breakout of the Year this week.

Muñoz has also battled cancer which was diagnosed in 2015 while Hamilton was in previews.

He is in remission now and believes his growing up in a Puerto Rican household in Brooklyn’s East New York gave him the skills he needed to survive.

‘Ultimately, the street smarts it gave me, the toughness it gave me, is how I’m able to survive so many things, so many transitions.’

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