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  • Joe came out after college while working for the Vice President of the World Bank. He is now the manager at a popular local restaurant which is a South Florida staple.
  • Jonathan is a X-Ray and MRI Tech at a hospital in South Florida. He has had a great experience being openly gay and working in the healthcare industry and would like to encourage others to do the same.
  • I am the first born to Jewish parents. My earliest religious experiences were my bris (The Jewish religious rite of circumcision at eight days of age) and being redeemed by my father (Redemption of the First Born). According to Jewish tradition, it was the first born who were to be ...
  • Al is a Captain with the Pembroke Pines Police Department. He has had a distinguished career in law enforcement and has been open about his sexuality throughout most of his time on the police force. He is a great example for young LGBT individuals to follow.
  • For me, personally, I always knew I was “different” from everyone else. From an early age, I really was unable to put my finger on just what that difference was. Growing up, I lived in a generally accepting, “talk about anything” kind of household. I had ...

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About You Can Be Anything

Young people who are questioning their sexuality or have recently come to accept the fact they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender face some extreme challenges. They may be rejected by their friends or worse--by their families.  They may think their future dreams and goals may no longer be possible because of their sexuality. They may feel they are unable to continue on the same path they saw themselves on before discovering their sexuality.  They may feel they will not be able to enter the career they have always dreamed of.

A lot of young LGBT and questioning individuals do not personally know any people like themselves. Odds are even less favorable that they have a LGBT role model in the career they are interested in. They may feel there is no place for a LGBT person in that particular field. They have probably been told, directly or indirectly, LGBT people can't possibly be police officers or firefighters for example. Or maybe they feel there are no openly gay people in professional sports. This can be a huge deterrent to a young LGBT or questioning person... Learn more.